Varices treatment

Office varicose. Varices treatment


    Often patients apply treatment methods for their varices due to aesthetic reasons in order to regain the nice physical appearance of their lower limbs, but seeking medical help for these illnesses may reduce the risk of suffering from extremely severe long-term complications.

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    Varices can presently be treated through surgical and non-surgical means. The most adequate means for treating the disease are chosen based on patient profile, the complexity of the symptoms, and the type of the medical condition.

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    Modern treatments are the least painful interventions. In some cases they can be implemented without admitting the patient to the hospital as the intervention lasts less then an hour.

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    Office varicose discomfort felt by the patient is minimal. Another important advantage of this type of intervention is the absence of pain and scarring.

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    • Venous cryotherapy

    Using modern minimally invasive methods the veins are not forcibly pulled out, rather their caliber is reduced or entirely expunged through procedures which lead to the progressive elimination of varices. Cum apreciaţi informaţiile de pe această pagină: Average: 3.

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